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Reliable and accurate Weight Information Technology Devices for airports and hotels.

Luggage Scale

Weight Information Technology

Division Weigh to Go®, is a leading manufacturer of weight information technology devices and specialty conveying systems for the aviation and hotel industries.

Airport Baggage Scale

Airports Worldwide

We offer a comprehensive range of Airline Baggage Scales for airport ticketing lobbies worldwide, benefiting both passengers and airlines.

Hotel Baggage Scales

Luxury Hotels

We have recently introduced a new line of WIT Devices specifically designed for luxury hotels ensuring privacy, protection, and peace of mind for hotel guests.


A Passion For Innovation And Dedication To Our Customers

Founded in 1988 by Steven Rael Muccillo, Division Scale is a trusted and leading manufacturer in the field of weight information technology devices and specialty conveying systems. With over 35 years of industry experience, Division Scale has established itself as a reliable provider of high-quality products for the aviation and hotel sectors.

  • Division Weight To Go! has won various prestigious awards
  • Three-and a half decaes generating innovative ideas
  • Serving the aviation and hotel sectors
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Airport & Hotel Baggage Scales

Our scales are designed to provide accurate and precise measurements, ensuring efficient and hassle-free check-in processes for passengers and airlines alike.
Slim-Line VA Style Baggage Scale
Baggage Scale
Swing-A-Weigh Baggage Scale
Baggage Scale

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